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Male model wears hand-made a Lost Art™ Python Snakeskin Jacket, a Lost Art™ Leather Pants, a Lost Art™ Leather Belt and a Lost Art™ Snakeskin Guitar strap
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Lost Art Video about customer leather made by Jordan Betten
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Jordan Betten Artist and Designer founder of Lost Art, portrait photo by David Carlo
Jordan Betten, Artist and Designer of Lost Art ®
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Supermodel Candice Swanepoel wears Lost Art leather wings and jewelry at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015
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Samba People - An Urban Art Mural by Jordan Betten

Lost Art Custom Leather

Lost Art Custom Leather – handmade with cow hide, crocodile, python,cobra and snake skin clothing and art, for men and women in New York City. Lost Art clothing and accessories are created and designed by Jordan Betten. Lost Art clothing and accessory pieces are made custom, fitted for each individual customer’s unique size and height.